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4 Easy Steps to Buying a Car at Auction

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    To start bidding, you will first need to register for your AutoBidMaster membership and place a small refundable security deposit. You will be able to bid immediately once your deposit has been placed.
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  • Bid

    Using our Vehicle Finder you will be able to search for the item you like, and start bidding right away. You will be able to bid online during Preliminary Bidding, Live Auction, or both. It’s up to you!
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  • Buy

    Once you win, your payment is due the next business day after the sale. Your invoice will include all applicable auction fees, our transaction fee, and the final sale price of the vehicle.
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  • Ship

    You can arrange fast, expert shipping, with AutoBidMaster, or you may pick up your car directly at the Copart location. Congratulations on your new purchase!
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